Choosing the right table line for your restaurant is not a decision that should be taken lightly.According to a study that investigated the influence that table linen has on customers perceptions of the restaurant. It found that ‘fabric table linen contributed to a significant higher preference of the appetizer and the meal quality in general’ as well as ‘better service, ambiance and overall experience’ were attributed to fabric table linen being used.

How to decide the size?

How to decide the size?

Before you buy a new tablecloth you need to know this one important information above anything else; the size of the table that the tablecloth will be covering. So, get your tape measure out and measure both the length and the width of the table and make a note of it. Sit down at the table and measure the distance between your legs and the table . Take this measurement and add it to all four sides of the table’s measurements. It will be roughly around 20cm on all four sides.

For example, if the length of your table is 120cm and the overhang is 20 then it would be 120 + 20 + 20 = 160cm. Similarly, if the width is 100 then it would be 100 + 20 +20 = 140cm. So, the size of tablecloth you need would be 160 x 140cm.

Suitable fabric for restaurant table linen

The best choice for restaurant table line is polyester fabric. This kind of fabric has soft hand touching with good workmanship.Considering the large flow of people in the restaurant and the number of meals, the tablecloth needs to be cleaned frequently. Polyester table linen has the character of not easy to shrink,deform, fade and durable for using.If it is a restaurant hosting a wedding, you can also choose satin table linen.It is elegant and chic on the dining table, which can set off the wedding atmosphere.

Suitable color and pattern for restaurant table linen

The color and pattern of the restaurant table linen should match the overall style of the restaurant.Mainly have cool colors and warm colors.Generally speaking, warm-colored table linen are suitable for Chinese-style restaurants.Cool colors are mostly used in western restaurants.But no matter what styles, the table linen should not choose a dull color. Such as black.If you want to choose a patterned table linen, better not to choose a pattern that is too dense, it makes people feel a messy feeling.Simple pattern is better to choice. Such as stripes and checks.    


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