What Are Outdoor Fabrics?

Outdoor fabrics need to be a number of things to do their job properly. They need to be waterproof, durable and robust. Your selection of outdoor fabric at EVERFLY HOMEDECO are all of those things and more, providing you with a reliable and quality product to help you decorate outdoor furniture and other items.

What Are Outdoor Fabrics?

This bright-coloured tablecloth not only looks very beautiful, But there are many secrets in the fabrics. A very good outdoor fabric  must have following properties:

1. Must be effectively resistant to ultraviolet radiation;

2. Must effectively resist rain erosion;

3. Must have strong anti fading function;

4. Water-resistant, Stain-resistant, mould-resistant;

5. Colour fastness, durable and easy to clean.

The same is true for these outdoor cushions or mats.

What Are Outdoor Fabrics?

At Everfly Homedeco, there is such a tablecloth as a model of waterproof and oilproof, It’s TPU film Tablecloth, a special plastic film on the face to protect well your table lasting and easy to take care, just wipe it gently when dirty, it’s definitely worth having.

What Are Outdoor Fabrics?

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