• What Are Outdoor Fabrics?

    Outdoor fabrics need to be a number of things to do their job properly. They need to be waterproof, durable and robust. Your selection of outdoor fabric at EVERFLY HOMEDECO are all of those things and more, providing you with a reliable and quality product to help you decorate outdoor furniture and other items. This bright-coloured tablecloth not only looks very beautiful, But there are many secrets in the fabrics. A very good outdoor fabric  must have following properties: 1. Must be effectively resistant to ultraviolet radiation; 2. Must effectively resist rain erosion; 3. Must have strong anti fading function; 4. Water-resistant, Stain-resistant, mould-resistant; 5. Colour fastness, durable and easy to clean. The same is true for these outdoor cushions or mats. At Everfly Homedeco, there is such a tablecloth as a model of waterproof and oilproof, It’s TPU film Tablecloth, a special plastic film on the face to protect well your table lasting…

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  • How to Choose A Suitable Table Linen for Your Restaurant

    Choosing the right table line for your restaurant is not a decision that should be taken lightly.According to a study that investigated the influence that table linen has on customers perceptions of the restaurant. It found that ‘fabric table linen contributed to a significant higher preference of the appetizer and the meal quality in general’ as well as ‘better service, ambiance and overall experience’ were attributed to fabric table linen being used. How to decide the size? Before you buy a new tablecloth you need to know this one important information above anything else; the size of the table that the tablecloth will be covering. So, get your tape measure out and measure both the length and the width of the table and make a note of it. Sit down at the table and measure the distance between your legs and the table . Take this measurement and add it…

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  • A Distinctive Dinning Art by Luxury Hotel Table Linens

    I totally agree that staying in a hotel is just like an unfinished journey, High exquisite cuisine,Red Candle shining,Elegant enviornment,Romantic music,Everything will leave a deep impression on you. For me, As a senior designer who has been engaged in home textile industry for years, Art on the dining table, Textiles decoration inspiration in hotel we can’t be missed. All Luxurious Hotel Table Linens are an important part of your dinning experience. Whether it’s a tablecloth or matching Runner, whether classic or contemporary,all could bring us pretty enjoyment of art, it can create a mood . Generally speaking, designers are best at displaying their works with colors,Gorgeous colors and exquisite workmanship Table Linens can Stimulate your appetite more, Color comes from nature, and visual perception will also affect taste. The color, shape and volume of food will improve the perception of taste to some extent. Our brain forms relevant connection ability through…

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  • Classification And Identification Of Home Textile Fabrics

    Now there are many brands in the home textile market, and the name of the fabric is also varied. If we don’t understand the fabric at all, it is difficult to find a genuine product that suits us. Now let’s talk about what mainstream fabrics are being used in the home textile market? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these fabrics? And how do we identify these fabrics? Now the main fabrics used in home textile are: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, polyester-cotton blended, silk, coral fleece. 100% cotton fabric: Natural fiber, no stimulation in contact with the skin, harmless to human body, good hygroscopicity and breathability, safe, comfortable, but easy to wrinkle. Identification: Hand Feel: 100% cotton products generally feel soft, and there are obvious folds when you grab a handful. 100% cotton textiles are not very smooth to the touch, and the color is usually natural, without the…

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  • How to Choose A Best Blackout Curtain?

    Many people prefer having a dark room for them to guarantee the sleeping quality. High-quality blackout curtains can cut off light up to 99%, making a good sleep possible and helping in insulation too. Blackout curtains offer a lot of benefits in terms of light and noise. These curtains can help in reducing noise, especially if you are living in busy streets. Having these curtains in your home is a worthy investment. These curtains linings can block all the light but, in some cases, light can still be seen on the edges of the curtain. Usually, the best blackout curtains available contain at least one layer of tightly packed woven fabric that does not allow the penetration of light through the fibers. Types of Fabric Blackout curtains are commonly created with polyester or a combination of polyester and cotton. Heavy microfiber is an excellent fabric to use for blackout curtains,…

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  • Importance of Living Room Decoration with Quality Living Linen

    In case you’re the sort who dresses a specific method to accomplish a specific look then you comprehend that living room decor goes a long way past basically being slick and clean. There’s a look; there’s a vibe. Your family room decor ought to have an atmosphere, particularly one that mirrors your inclinations, your vision, your ideas. Whether or not you’re a socialite, who wants to have parties, or a shut-in at home, who likes to relax in comfort, you can treat family room decor as your canvas. This is where you will invest quality energy in unwinding or engaging visitors. Why not put in the additional exertion for self-articulation through your thoughtful living room decor with living linen. There are scads of productions stacked with lounge room enhancing thoughts, however except if you have the monetary allowance to buy living room furniture by the set, it is ideal to…

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